I Used To Be Scared Of The Dark

I used to be scared of the dark,β€”No,I used to be terrified of the dark; It was a toss-up between darkness and big spiders,As to which was my worst phobia,Possibly darkness,Since darkness itself lent the possibility of hidden big black spiders…And countless imagined monsters,(Or just knife-wielding humans); My brain picked up on everythingβ€”I'd take in … Continue reading I Used To Be Scared Of The Dark

Self-Love Comes To The Fore

Self-love comes to the fore,Now that I'm out of that one hole, at least, I'm out of the deep, dark emotional hole of that place,Where I was emotionally-insulated from the outside world,With its indifferent and stubborn walls; Indifferent, stubborn, insensitive, judging,From that (manipulative) mess I have arisen,It was a slow-motion disaster in the making,But it … Continue reading Self-Love Comes To The Fore