Facing Time

Exposure therapy, for me,Is not giving into the compulsions,When I start to feel the time slipping away,And my life and whatever its potential,Evaporating into space; I keep doing it to myself,Through doing the compulsionsβ€”The usual response,Is to throw myself into a deep black hole,Is to throw myself under a bus; It's laughably irrational, right!?And the … Continue reading Facing Time

I Am 𝑺𝒐 Strong πŸ€£

I'm doing better at not ruminating,But there's a lot more going on simultaneously, So now I'm going to do the same with OCD,And choose against it, consciously; This makes me feel like a fraud,But,There were a couple of days,Where I was able to remain almost free of OCD, β€”Through an impressive conscious effort,And through keeping … Continue reading I Am 𝑺𝒐 Strong πŸ€£