Perseverance And Ingenuity!

I had planned to write more about this as I have much more to say about it, as well as describe some similar past experiences of watching planetary landings which affected me profoundly, but I've been quite busy lately with a mixture of OCD/anxiety, various tasks around my room, reading and helping out a friend. … Continue reading Perseverance And Ingenuity!

Acidalia Planitia

A fountain of feeling,And knowing sensitivity,Coming down for a soft landing,With the lightest of touches, I'm here for exploration,Graceful, yet bold,As the features, before me,Are familiar yet surprising; It's a subtle and dangerous game,Of experience and insight,Following deepest intuitions,To feel our way through; An atmosphere that is rich with mystery,A restless surface, which swelters and … Continue reading Acidalia Planitia