One Of The Pillars Of Neurodiversity

I've found this to be one of the greatest differences that exists between individual humans, along with built-in levels of empathy. Turns out with exercise, people fall along a whole spectrum from those who experience nirvana through exercise, and those who feel better without it. My youngest brother is an example of the second who's … Continue reading One Of The Pillars Of Neurodiversity

How On Earth, Was That Stressing Me?

A big part of OCD and irritation, for me,Is my focus turning inward,And becoming extra-aware of the close environment,And of bodily sensationsβ€”The itches,The things which are unclean,The things which are out of place, And part of the reason,Of why getting outside and moving around,Works so well, to just cut right through all of it,Is that … Continue reading How On Earth, Was That Stressing Me?

Complementing Conscious Calm

Here's another fundamental truth, for me,And one which I now feel I can do something about, again, β€”An initial, immediate dopamine boost from exercise in the mornings,Or anything,Is crucial for me to avoid sinking into negative over-thinking! It really is,And was the reason behind exercising in the mornings for so long,Even for all of those … Continue reading Complementing Conscious Calm