Opportunities For Mutation

It's the twenty-first century and people are everywhere,Viral replication is advancing like wildfire…! Each new host brings opportunities for replication,Andβ€” subject to environmental interaction,Opportunities for mutation; One, two, three, fourβ€”It's time to go…VIRRRALLLL!! …SPIKE-PROTEIN INSERTION,VIRUS-CELL ADSORPTION,SITES OF REPLICATION,RIBOSOME CANTATIONS! RNA TRANSCRIPTION,DEVIL-CHILD CREATION,HOST CELL MEMBRANE FUSION,VIRAL RE-EJECTION…! Multiply!Catalyse!Diversify!Terrorise! Multiply!Catalyse!Diversify,Re-terrorise! …The possibility of viral gene mutation remains … Continue reading Opportunities For Mutation

Opportunities For Replication

Replications, replications,Immune reactions,Airborne dispersion, Replications, replications,Unlimited supply,Of opportunities for replication; Environment,Genetic code,Gene expression,β€”All factors in determining how often little pieces of DNA are reproduced; The genes which just happen to give their parent organism a greater chance of reproducing,In the environment in which the organism finds itself,Are necessarily more likely to be reproduced in the … Continue reading Opportunities For Replication