We Won Get Over It

Trying to work it outHow, why, whatWhereforeThe fuck have I ended up hereAnd where to go nowWhich way is NorthTrying to work it the fuck out? Laughable; The compass needle is spinningYet the direction is obviousLook to the skyDon't need all those fancy constructed toolsFollow the light; We won,Get over it πŸ˜‚. We weren't even … Continue reading We Won Get Over It

Grain Of Salt

One of these days,I'm going to purposefully go to the supermarket,Without my wallet, Just to take the piss out of the irrational anxiety,(Which is nevertheless warranted from experience),Of forgetting to take something with me; Then when I get there, I'll goβ€”"Oh nooo,I haven't got my wallet!!", "Robin, you daft sod!How are you going to pay … Continue reading Grain Of Salt

God Does Not Play Dice

He plays dice with Rubik's Cubes. I've often used the following trick,To make difficult things seem easierβ€” I tell myself,At least it's not as hard as quantum mechanics,Which has never failed me; However, it now begs the questionβ€” Which is easier... Doing quantum mechanics with a more-or-less healthy mind?Recovering from trauma-induced OCD and dissociative habits? … Continue reading God Does Not Play Dice

Facing Time

Exposure therapy, for me,Is not giving into the compulsions,When I start to feel the time slipping away,And my life and whatever its potential,Evaporating into space; I keep doing it to myself,Through doing the compulsionsβ€”The usual response,Is to throw myself into a deep black hole,Is to throw myself under a bus; It's laughably irrational, right!?And the … Continue reading Facing Time

Pushing On From OCD

"Nothing worth repeating,Is ever worth doing" I remember this line often,And when I find myself repeating, I listen to heavy music,Push on, do press-ups,Just ignore the f***ing bastard urge, β€”The perfectionism of a random, obtuse action,Because I don't want to look like,I'm having a spasm, Which is precisely what I'm doing now,This poem is done,Goodbye, … Continue reading Pushing On From OCD