Torn Between Two Worlds

I can't decide whether I want my hair long or short,β€”A privileged position, I know, But also I can't decide which side of myself I most relate toβ€” The intense, determined, go-getting side,Who likes things streamlined for efficiency,Likes to keep moving,Likes to count press-ups, the peculiar romance and exhilaration of living to a regiment, And … Continue reading Torn Between Two Worlds

Roads Of Metallic Grey

Bigger,Darker,With ever-brighter lights, Bigger,Darker,Optimally-aggressive presence, Couple that,With no patience,A second Sun rising on every speed bump,Or,A DARPA ground-to-space laser defense system, And,Trigger-happy on the horn,At every slightest perceived grievance, And that's,The growing trends on the roads today! πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ Spread colour,Wherever you can! πŸ₯³And leave the learner drivers alone. πŸŒͺ

Not Quite Extrovert Enough?

I feel like I'd be a good actor,I've always loved the idea of it, I've always done it, and I'm always doing it,β€”But only by myself; At school I took all the opportunities,For drama, and acting,Or any kind of performing, Because I liked the idea of it,Yet was just never confident enough,In practice; Always quiet … Continue reading Not Quite Extrovert Enough?

Appreciation #6

I have no funny or interesting preface,For this one, today,I don't even know,How I wrote the others, previously! I appreciate my emotions,Which I feel for myself,And for others too,β€”Sometimes for good,And sometimes for bad 😈,No not really! But seriously,It feels like I conjure emotional landscapes,In my mind sometimes,In response to music,Whilst thinking of my hopes … Continue reading Appreciation #6

Pale Blue Dot

Look at that tiny blue dot,β€”There,Just one pixel of blue-green,See it!? That's Earth!Can you believe it? Just imagine,That pale blue dot, encapsulatesβ€”The entire history of humanity,Everything you've ever known... No it doesn't, Excuse me!?Don't question the Sagan! I'm rather fond of the Andromeda galaxy,Actually,Then there's those distant quasars,Whose distances span the breadth of the visible … Continue reading Pale Blue Dot

Todo Or Not Todo…

Mate,I've been awake since 3:40,And I've only had breakfast so far,β€”What's that all about? Should've created my todo list sooner,My friend,Then I'd have had my plans,Much clearer; Seriously?But this is one of the points,Of getting up (and getting to sleep!) so early!β€”Extra redundancy...It's not even,5:20 🀣; The main thing isβ€”That side-quest is now completed, So … Continue reading Todo Or Not Todo…