I Filed A Police Complaint

You better believe I'm speaking up about these things. Here is the text from my formal police complaint which I just filed, after the events from yesterday: "I dialled 999 at 11:30 on Thursday 29th April 2021, when my letting agent along with what sounded like a few other angry and threatening people, unlocked my … Continue reading I Filed A Police Complaint

Major Trauma/Journey Through The Emergency Department

Doctor, doctor,My legs have fallen off! PSCCCHH!Salus two-one,We're bringing in a code blue Joe, code blue Joe,Over! PSCCCHH!Copy that, Salus,Code blue Joe!You may land on any runwayβ€”Uhh, I mean…Any ambulance space… yeahβ€” Big Bird Blue,Get off the damn airways,Over!! We need to stem the bleeding,He's going into cardiac arrest! Stand by…Clear! I feel a pulseβ€” … Continue reading Major Trauma/Journey Through The Emergency Department


I,Need,Family to help me,Somehow find a privately-rented place to myself,Which is on a ground floor,And which accepts benefit payments to pay for the rent,Which is actually impossible,Because what I am describing is a bungalow,And any landlord of a bungalow will NEVER except housing benefit to pay for rent,So I'm back to square one; Since it … Continue reading Waiting