Serotonin Sensitivity!

Yesterday my Salvation Army support person turned up with three presents from a nearby school. I assumed they were boxes of chocolate and was considering just adding them to the donations pile at Tesco because of the fact I'm really sensitive to changing my diet at the moment and wary of anything upsetting the delicate … Continue reading Serotonin Sensitivity!

Humidity And Eczema

I never realised, the effect of humidity,On my skin until I bought a hygrometer; Wow,Since a few years ago I've had eczema,Starting when I lived in Scotland, And lately, I've noticed,(During my nocturnal night-life),That when it comes around to daytime,My skin really starts to itch, past lunchtime! But since having the hygrometer,I've now learned why…—Once … Continue reading Humidity And Eczema

Oublier Ces InquiΓ©tudes

Urgh,Confession de TOC,Pour le TOC combinΓ© avec l'eczΓ©ma,Cela me force Γ  Γͺtre hypersensible de la sueur qui contaminent ma peau, Dois-je doucher ou non?Dois-je oublier cette absurditΓ©,Ou non?Est-il mΓͺme possible? Eh ben,J'ai Γ©crit ces pensΓ©es internales maintenant,J'ai rΓ©vΓ©lΓ©s tout Γ  le monde,Et elles perdent leurs puissance, Et aussi,Le moment que j'oublier ces inquiΓ©tudes,Est le mΓͺme … Continue reading Oublier Ces InquiΓ©tudes

Borderline Eczema

Ye bast**d,You've come back, Why?I didn't invite you back,To the backs of my knees, Ye total bast**d, But don't worry,I'm not gunna break my back,β€”I've no fingernails,And an iron discipline, So fuck ye,Fuck ye hard,YES! πŸ˜‰. Now that I've written it, I've realised the ending of this sounds aggressive. But it wasn't meant in that … Continue reading Borderline Eczema