The Influencer’s Prayer

Let us give thanksFor our daily stimulationAnd remember our LordWho suffered judgement, persecution and cancellationSacrificing his eternal privacyFor our everlasting sanctity from boredom In the name of our LordWe like, share and subscribe Like, share and subscribe Entertaining Of The 5,000 His followers answered: "Where could we get enough content to entertain such a crowd?" … Continue reading The Influencer’s Prayer

Ding Dong

The infestation of housemates is being rooted out,All with an eviction deadline of 4th October, The stampiest housemate (replacement zombie) and partner are gone,At last,Carrying out chests in the middle of the night… The second most stampy housemate (and the most arrogant and toxic),Has also left two weekends before,Just one remains (the one above me),Only … Continue reading Ding Dong

Rocking The Boat

The marathon has only just begun,Despite how far I've already come, I am far from ok,And not working is OK,Not working is working,β€”For me, relatively speaking, I deserve a break,I've been fighting these things my whole life, Fighting for sleep,Fighting for being able to relax at night,Fighting to feel secure, to avoid loud sounds, Fuck … Continue reading Rocking The Boat