What Just Happened

Whilst hiding in my room,From my screaming housemate and his hoodlums,My other housemate was screaming,For a different reason... And she came into the kitchen,Crying and in pieces,With a bruise to show,–– her boyfriend had hit her; With a past of abusive partners,And after a long hiatus,She’d finally allowed herself to try,–– For this guy’s alright; … Continue reading What Just Happened

House Full Of Monkeys

Got a house full of monkeys,Whooping and screaming,I don’t know how they make that sound,And I don’t want to find out; Thought now would be a good time,To try the headphones out,But, of course,They’ve just gone fla–– β€œAHHHH HWAAA HHWWWWAAAHH!!!”,”YAAAAAHA HA HAAAAA!!!!”,BOom, Irradiated by horrific sounds,Silence...Interrupted by––Sudden and sporadic high-pitched explosions; I’m stuck in here, … Continue reading House Full Of Monkeys