ADHD, OCD And Autism

ADHD, OCD and autism,Go to see a psychiatrist… I'm feeling very satisfied with myself,Because,The psychiatrist has just diagnosed me with OCD too,(At no extra cost),YES!Which means that all three diagnoses have now been backed up,By psychiatrists,😁; Now, whenever anybody asks me,"But have you been diagnosheshsehdhdedd with OCD or autism?",I can sayβ€”Yes, fucker! I really should … Continue reading ADHD, OCD And Autism

Result Of The Autism Assessment

I finally had the video call on Monday,After completing the seventeen-page questionnaire… That questionnaire was never-ending,And I had a lot to say,With no problem with writing… πŸ˜‰; Writing is one of my crazy strengths,Contrasting with more basic things which I can struggle with;This kind of 'spiky skill profile',Can be characteristic of autism, And the psychiatrist … Continue reading Result Of The Autism Assessment


Support,Cannot,Depend,On diagnosis,Because otherwise,You're,Invalidating,The intense suffering; Where has,All,The humanity,Gone?Whatever happened,To,Helping out,Family,And,Friends,And,Community? The heart is all gone,That,Is,Horrific; You're only deserving,Of,Help,If you have formal documentation; That,Is,So,Fucked up,It is,Beyond,Words. I am stressed for the same reasons as usual,And the autism assessment call is soon,But I haven't finished the 17 page questionnaire,And I've been trying to reschedule the call since … Continue reading Requirements

Hang In There, Me

Hang in there, me,Hang in there, me,Things are starting to come towards me, I've raised more than the target,So thank you to everybody!And I've chosen the perfect psychiatrist,I just wish it wasn't a weekend now! But never mind,This psychiatrist is perfect,They will understand my whole situation,I just cannot wait for that; And I so want … Continue reading Hang In There, Me