Some Relief Amidst Crises

The messiest housemate is away,Away back to Portgual, since Wednesday, I didn't hold my breath, I had to be sure,I've waited until today, to FUCKING CELEBRATE!!! And now that it's worth it again,I've cleaned all of downstairs again,Oh what a huge weight off my mind, that is, Which is incredibly disheartening,Because it only emphasises,How much … Continue reading Some Relief Amidst Crises

Self-Sabotaging Again!

I'm sabotaging myself again,By doing this tensing thing, Turning something I enjoy,And find relaxing,(Being busy),Into something very stressful,And headache-creating; My personality is changing,My identity is going,β€”I've turned from being me,Focused and determined,Into a withering mess; OCD is strongly tied up with identity,For me,And those things which strengthen my identity,Proportionately reduce OCD, And OCD itself,Whittles down … Continue reading Self-Sabotaging Again!

Borderline Eczema

Ye bast**d,You've come back, Why?I didn't invite you back,To the backs of my knees, Ye total bast**d, But don't worry,I'm not gunna break my back,β€”I've no fingernails,And an iron discipline, So fuck ye,Fuck ye hard,YES! πŸ˜‰. Now that I've written it, I've realised the ending of this sounds aggressive. But it wasn't meant in that … Continue reading Borderline Eczema