Download HM Government's PunchAProtestor app todayAnd#PunchAProtestor; Our central automatic facial-recognition systemsProvide real-time overlaysIdentifying and highlighting in red any protestor individuals in your line of sight; As a registered userAnd upstanding citizenℒ️You have complete legal immunity to punch down on any undesirables crossing your path. NEW!Go handsfree with Meta Civil Unrest Sidequest ProSponsored by Met Police. … Continue reading #PunchAProtestor

Closing In Again

I feel the wallsclosing inagainHuman stampedesup and downthe hallwayDisrupting me fromthe final outletThe endless universeof writing and creativityThe laststrandof proactive hopeSaving me, fromthe abyssal void of empty days without a planFor this activeproactiverestless mindThat is the truest hellThere is nothing l o n g e rthane m p t y timeWith no beginningand no e … Continue reading Closing In Again

War Spirit

Interesting that I take strength from war documentaries and dramas,The irrational nonchalance and dark humour in a tough situation,Controlling the urge to complain,Despite the overarching questionable circumstances and incompetence of upper management; Looking for morality in the situation is futile,It is a war,Each day brings many new battles and each battle is different,Fuck-ups and trauma … Continue reading War Spirit

Not Again

The horse clip-clopped along the silent boulevard,Those echoing footsteps, heralding news… Soon the street was lined with an expectant crowd,As the rider unsaddled,Climbed down to the ground, "I'll get right to itβ€”I'm afraid… it's bad news", A murmur spread throughout the crowd,Civility began to disintegrate,As expectancy turned toward desperation,"Surely not! You must be mistaken!?", "He's … Continue reading Not Again

I’m So Exhausted

I'm so exhausted,From battling with everything stacked against me, In multiple directions I have to struggle to get anywhere near to what I need,I was only able to make progress with help from the Green Health and Stepping Forward charities,And it seems like I've lost the support of both, now;Sarah went into planned surgery without … Continue reading I’m So Exhausted

The Limits Of My Escapism

No amount of escapism,Can protect me from frustration, For I wrote such a heavenly poem,Because of olfactory interrogation, But when I finally ventured out,To use the bathroom hence, I once again freaked out,At the shit on the toilet seat and sink. This is what I'm living with,And has once again triggered me,Perfectly ever-triggering, triggering,To the … Continue reading The Limits Of My Escapism