Dad I Think It’s The End Times

It's the twenty-first century and humanity's gone batshit crazy,There's a viral epidemic becoming unstoppably endemic, wE NeEd tO Be cLeAr tHeRe iS No mEaT iN ThE vAcCinE,wE NeEd tO Be cLeAr tHeRe iS No mEaT iN ThE vAcCinE, An irreversible infection,For which there's no known vaccination, TheRe Is nO MeAt In tHe vAcCiNe,tHeRe iS No … Continue reading Dad I Think It’s The End Times

F**k Off, Bones!

As he unearthed from the dirt, bones of a human skeleton,While crouched under the trees in the middle of the night, He questioned himself,What had he done!? Now this terrible dilemma,To confess or to cover upβ€” The first would mean admitting to trespassing,In the garden of a house he should not have been, The second, … Continue reading F**k Off, Bones!

Monsters Out Of Sight

Anxious thoughts,Anxious thoughts,Obsessive irritability andBody tics, Anxious thoughts,Anxious thoughts,Courageously getting out of it;I'll play a computer game,Then I'll go outside,But the relentless floorboard creaking today,Has finally got to me,It's making me jump,I can't tell what's 'real' and not,Because I'm creeping my way around,Black Mesa Research Facility,I actually want to be on high alert,But then the … Continue reading Monsters Out Of Sight

I’m So Exhausted

I'm so exhausted,From battling with everything stacked against me, In multiple directions I have to struggle to get anywhere near to what I need,I was only able to make progress with help from the Green Health and Stepping Forward charities,And it seems like I've lost the support of both, now;Sarah went into planned surgery without … Continue reading I’m So Exhausted

Duke The Dog And The Angry Poem

I dreamt about two weird things last night, β€”Writing an angry poem,β€”The previous family pet dog had come back to life; Let's address the dead poem first,Then come back to the...Or was it... I'd been worrying last night,About the idea of writing poems too gratuitously,β€”If I'm going to publish them online,What's the point, unless they're … Continue reading Duke The Dog And The Angry Poem