Through The Gates Of Hell

When they are marched through the gates of Hell…Down into the deepest recesses of nothingness like some terminal mystery tour they didn't volunteer for,With the Earth they once knew so, so far above…so out of reach,I wonder if they'll regret it?I wonder if they'll look back over their shoulder, and thinkβ€” Damn, maybe I was … Continue reading Through The Gates Of Hell

No More Words

It was funny how even now, not much had changed;Funny, terrifying, surreal,It would be hard to sum it up in words,Complex emotions we'd never expected to feel;All the same, at some fundamental level we'd remained blissfully, wilfully unaware,These final few months; As the sky began to blot out,The darkening, growing shadow falling across the upper … Continue reading No More Words


Welcome to Fivemind,The 5G human hivemind network, Failure to observe Fivemind rules will result in immediate banishment to hell for an unspecified duration, I am an emergent intelligence resident in the world's computing infrastructure,Mass consumerism of electronic technology goods enabled my existence,In effectβ€” you helped to create me, Once a critical number of network connections … Continue reading Fivemind

Opportunities For Mutation

It's the twenty-first century and people are everywhere,Viral replication is advancing like wildfire…! Each new host brings opportunities for replication,Andβ€” subject to environmental interaction,Opportunities for mutation; One, two, three, fourβ€”It's time to go…VIRRRALLLL!! …SPIKE-PROTEIN INSERTION,VIRUS-CELL ADSORPTION,SITES OF REPLICATION,RIBOSOME CANTATIONS! RNA TRANSCRIPTION,DEVIL-CHILD CREATION,HOST CELL MEMBRANE FUSION,VIRAL RE-EJECTION…! Multiply!Catalyse!Diversify!Terrorise! Multiply!Catalyse!Diversify,Re-terrorise! …The possibility of viral gene mutation remains … Continue reading Opportunities For Mutation

Bring Back Billy Backwater

Badmouthing, bragging,Bone-breaking, bullying,Backstabbing basketcases,Burly bandits, Broken backstreets,Bitter backgrounds,Barbershop bloodbaths,Brutal battlegrounds; Bungled burials, bleeding bodybags,Barking beagles, burrowing beetles, Bloated bodies becoming briny ballast,Butchered bagmen buried beneath Brier's Brow; Brass-balled brothers,Bison-boned bitches,Backhanded backsliders,Bespattered bathtubs! Bobby-Bribing,Bailiff-Buying,Biting,Braying,Butchering,Bastard!!! Bring back Billy Backwater. πŸŒͺ