Beaten Down

In the beginning blogging helped a lotIn the beginning Sertraline medication helped a lotIn the beginning self-practised ERP therapy helped a lot They all still help but I ran out of 'fresh starts' from too many drastic changes of circumstancesI'm worn out and can't go any further without intervention from the psychologistAnd having all the … Continue reading Beaten Down

Life In The Horror Show

And there I satAt my wit's endAfter seven months of struggleAnd inexplicable experiences I logged back onto facebookAs my final actMade it plainJust how little of life I cared; There, I glimpsedAmongst it allAfter everything I had experiencedHaving lived on the edge for so longFacing death so many times, alone The faces of those whom … Continue reading Life In The Horror Show

Work Capability Assessment

I went to Stepping Forward today to complete the Work Capability Assessment form. It's the final hurdle I need to pass before I feel I can breathe a sigh of relief, since being deemed not capable of working is essential for me to maintain receiving Universal Credit (incl. rent payments) without being forced to look … Continue reading Work Capability Assessment

Deadstick Landing

I can literally see a runway off to my right! Ok, stand by for vector…Turn left heading two-niner-zero, maintain flight level one-hundred, And free to use any runway, yeah? … How many souls on board? Just one…me,I repeat this is a Mayday! Negative RS 1987, maintain holding pattern,All runways are currently occupied, But I have … Continue reading Deadstick Landing


I,Need,Family to help me,Somehow find a privately-rented place to myself,Which is on a ground floor,And which accepts benefit payments to pay for the rent,Which is actually impossible,Because what I am describing is a bungalow,And any landlord of a bungalow will NEVER except housing benefit to pay for rent,So I'm back to square one; Since it … Continue reading Waiting

Crisis In The Making

I went to lie down for a bit,Instinctively, Just to rest a little bit,And get out of my head; β€”Now this is where the antidepressants help me,They help me,To relax myself, But it's always the same,β€”Just as I start to relax,(And I started to feel great),AN EXPLOSIVE SOUND,From the ceiling above 😨,And another,A creepy, slow-motion … Continue reading Crisis In The Making