Phew,I am recovering,From family interaction, And depression,Instigated by the environment; I'm taking control of my environment,By isolating myself to my room,And becoming self-sufficient,From the rest of the house, Yes, that means a more-limited diet,But I could take no pleasure, in cooking anyway,And with a fridge and a microwave,There is plenty of variety; I survived for … Continue reading Rediscovering

One-Dimensional Being

One-dimensional being,Tell me,How do you keep looking forwards,So relentlessly? Do I have a choice?He replied, Me and my fellows,We agree to remain in constant forwards motion,Or else nothing would ever get done! How do you communicate? Alas, my only experience of the world…Is of varying shades of brightness,Ahead and behind, I can only ever hope … Continue reading One-Dimensional Being

Unparalleled Universes

I've forgotten what it's like,To write about what I want to write about,To let my mind wander,And turn it into stories; But I'm getting hints of the feelings I had,Even if briefly,And I just know it…Will all come flooding back and more; There are whole universes of creation,Bursting at the seams,Untold histories and unseen wonders,Dying … Continue reading Unparalleled Universes

Returning Again And Again

I continue to find safety and refuge in my writing,And right when it's feeling at its most indirected and purposeless,It finds its cozy use again; Right when I am turning most inward,And dwelling again on the on-going struggles,Returning to repetitive compulsions,And the headaches and isolation which that causes, That's when writing and creativity are a … Continue reading Returning Again And Again

OCD And The Creativity In Me

If I were only half as clever and creative as OCDβ€”And that stopped me in my tracks, For what is OCD,But an expression of me? It's as much a result of my brain's neural networks,As is the core of my personality; What's more,My experience of OCD has been heavily inclined to the abstract,Which has also … Continue reading OCD And The Creativity In Me