Everyone’s Everyman’s Everything Equally

Everyonce in a while I came across that. Apparently everyword was amenable to becoming conjoined with every. Unintelligible gibberish littered the literary landscape, words naturally drawn to everysegments like opposite magnetic poles and complementary molecules, this primordial alphabet soup channelled through sluice pipes into literal reservoirs and everyhome. It was inevitable…everything drawn to everyRobin, even … Continue reading Everyone’s Everyman’s Everything Equally

Value And Beauty In The Arbitrary

All the Universe is a rebellion against the second lawTime and space a changing relationship between information and energy; The beauty in life is in its subjectivityFlowing forwards not just from physical lawsBut from current circumstanceAnd future happenstanceIt enriches history and experienceFossils are as fossils areBecause the past is woven with momentous events The art … Continue reading Value And Beauty In The Arbitrary

Fort Plante Indoor Mini-Jungle πŸŒ΄

Since becoming inspired by Planterina on youtube I've had the goal of eventually being surrounded by an indoor jungle, because why not? All it takes is the right plants to start with, enough of them and time (not your time, but free time from the universe)! So far my jungle's been more of a vertical … Continue reading Fort Plante Indoor Mini-Jungle πŸŒ΄

Instability Leads To Creation

In the beginning…Space-time, energy and matter all came into existence,Then rapidly expanded,Uniformly and in all directions simultaneously; Except, if it had been truly uniform then all forces would remain in perfect balance,All mass-energy would remain stable in one state forever,But it wasn't uniform,Because built into the most fundamental level of space-time was quantum uncertainty,So on … Continue reading Instability Leads To Creation

MySQL Brain

My brain is a relational database,It stores information via common attributes,Enabling reverse look-ups between pieces of information which weren't necessarily causally-related,But related through things likeβ€”Similar-sounding words,Similar emotions experienced whilst exposed to concepts or information,Similar physical environments,In fact the connecting feelings/intuitions (search queries) can be very wide-ranging; It's not great for purposeful, systematic enumeration and recall … Continue reading MySQL Brain

Creative Moments

Creativity,Anchors me back into reality; When there are so many internal mental forces,Dictating where my time goes,β€”Once I've come out of one particular brain state,Whether it's anxious, unfocused, lethargic, When trying to follow structure involves too many demands at the moment,When lacking a structure leaves me feeling empty, once I can snap out of OCD, … Continue reading Creative Moments