For. Fuck’s. Sake

I sometimes write creatively perhaps in a way which isn't always immediately obvious, especially when partially-inspired by personal experiences. I enjoy writing in first-person with a subtly-satirical style. Please read tags if unsure! I came out here for some peace and quietWhich was going just fine, untilThat Mr. Musk moved in next door Now even … Continue reading For. Fuck’s. Sake

Early Enceladus

Early Enceladus,Eagerly evolved,Eruptions essayed, ether enlaced,Eons eroded ere evenings eclipsed; Evocative eye, ecliptic earring,Evincing exomoons, echoing Europa; … Encrusted, entombed,Embryonic ecology,Ecological exotica eeking economic existence! Episodic expulsions, ebbing ejecta,Evicted extremophiles embarking extended exodus; … Egalitarian emissaries elliptically encaptured,Earlier eras encoded, exposedβ€”Entire epilogues expressly expounded… Exultant epiphany!Evolution evidenced,Enceladites, everywhere,Enduring…even Earth. Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash πŸŒͺ

Dreams 9

As we begin to feel the light of other stars…We commemorate Grandad,By remembering what he taught usβ€”We look forwards, not behind; Grandad took us to Europa where we found an ocean world,Uninhabited, fertile,Free of the problems created by humankind,A planet-girdling ocean where we could create the kind of society we wished to swim in; Free … Continue reading Dreams 9

Discontinuity 2

We watched and waited for something to happen,With this big metallic lid,Blotting out the sky; For how long would we wait?What on Earth would appear?And surely if they were planning to simply destroy us…They needn't have come down this close? Then again,Perhaps the most effective method would be nanomachines,(Particularly for selective eradication);Perhaps they see us … Continue reading Discontinuity 2


I woke up and had to check the time twice,The light was wrong,I couldn't figure out why, It brought me a chill, like the rug being pulled out,(I imagine how an Earthquake might feel),Unshakeable, reliable nature suddenly not-so,Some strange weather phenomenon? I reached over and parted the curtain,And my heart jumped into my throat,A million … Continue reading Discontinuity

Opportunities For Vaccination

It's the moment you've all been waiting for,The culmination of the global vaccination war, The pathway before us is paved with the dead,Wake up, get moving…to pay off our debts! Put down your guns,Pick up the needles,Relinquish your power,To the governmenthuman-harvestingmachine!! I've never been so full of life before,As my veins are pumped through with … Continue reading Opportunities For Vaccination

Opportunities For Mutation

It's the twenty-first century and people are everywhere,Viral replication is advancing like wildfire…! Each new host brings opportunities for replication,Andβ€” subject to environmental interaction,Opportunities for mutation; One, two, three, fourβ€”It's time to go…VIRRRALLLL!! …SPIKE-PROTEIN INSERTION,VIRUS-CELL ADSORPTION,SITES OF REPLICATION,RIBOSOME CANTATIONS! RNA TRANSCRIPTION,DEVIL-CHILD CREATION,HOST CELL MEMBRANE FUSION,VIRAL RE-EJECTION…! Multiply!Catalyse!Diversify!Terrorise! Multiply!Catalyse!Diversify,Re-terrorise! …The possibility of viral gene mutation remains … Continue reading Opportunities For Mutation

Bring Back Billy Backwater

Badmouthing, bragging,Bone-breaking, bullying,Backstabbing basketcases,Burly bandits, Broken backstreets,Bitter backgrounds,Barbershop bloodbaths,Brutal battlegrounds; Bungled burials, bleeding bodybags,Barking beagles, burrowing beetles, Bloated bodies becoming briny ballast,Butchered bagmen buried beneath Brier's Brow; Brass-balled brothers,Bison-boned bitches,Backhanded backsliders,Bespattered bathtubs! Bobby-Bribing,Bailiff-Buying,Biting,Braying,Butchering,Bastard!!! Bring back Billy Backwater. πŸŒͺ