Anti-Vaxxers Do Not Really Exist (Here)

Some years ago…when somebody first told me about the phenomenon of 'anti-vaxxers', I was fiercely disbelieving and resistant because I had never known that to be an issue here in the UK. The whole idea was new to me. It was completely standard that you had vaccines as a child, had vaccines in school, had … Continue reading Anti-Vaxxers Do Not Really Exist (Here)

Rollercoasters Of Death

Did you implement your height restriction?I hope you didn't let just anybody in! Did your designers do too good of a job?I hope you checked their qualifications! Did you forget to run the software simulation? Come on,I used to play Theme Park World on the computer,And even then I'd test-ride my rollercoasters first,I didn't want … Continue reading Rollercoasters Of Death