Life’s Issuance

And then he just…Popped clean out the other sideThe universe, taken in full stride; Turning dead-end voids into tunnelsClosed geometries opened and simplifiedRocky worlds to vibrant biospheresRecycling old starsFinding light in the darkHe takes his timeHas all of it in the worldThere's a right timeFor the ice meltDeep convective heat flow Shifting of the landscapesSeeding … Continue reading Life’s Issuance

A Moon’s Perspective

The evicted moon had rendezvoused with a pair of co-orbiting gas giants,An unlikely permutation in the cosmic dance; Don't you worry, they said,Behind you lies chaos and entropy,Ahead lies…well, yet more chaos,But in amongst it lie regions of relative order,Pockets of space, sanity; A hyperbolic trajectory is no state for a planet or a moonβ€”Those … Continue reading A Moon’s Perspective

An Errant Meteor

He was an errant meteor,Blazing across the solar system,Skirting the fringes of planetary atmospheres, He was an errant meteor,Arriving unannounced,Inserting himself into alien worlds; Playing with fire, uncaring of dangers,He kicked up a storm,Triggered tsunamis, But he also melted hearts of nitrogen ice,He loosened ancient glaciers,Giving birth to new life. Photo by PaweΕ‚ CzerwiΕ„ski on Unsplash πŸŒͺ

An Interstellar Cloud

He was an interstellar cloud diffuse and nebulous,Primordial, pre-formed,With complex chemistry and infused potential, Within his spaces, containing traces,Of those which had shone before him,Yet, unique in chemical make-up,He shone with his own enigmatic colours; Slowly, with help from outside influences,Coming together under his own gravity,He swirled faster and faster,As his loose form began to … Continue reading An Interstellar Cloud