An Unexpected Invitation

Scientists always came through when you needed them,Hence, finally, a first rough translation: CongratulationsAlive post-carbon machinesWorried we, a long durationAlive post-nuclearSomehowWelcome So we'd learned of a concerted effort to avoid contact,Certain milestones they'd needed to see, first,Us meeting strict criteria as to the ideal moment for mutual benefit; They wanted to invite us, now,To join … Continue reading An Unexpected Invitation

Discontinuity 2

We watched and waited for something to happen,With this big metallic lid,Blotting out the sky; For how long would we wait?What on Earth would appear?And surely if they were planning to simply destroy us…They needn't have come down this close? Then again,Perhaps the most effective method would be nanomachines,(Particularly for selective eradication);Perhaps they see us … Continue reading Discontinuity 2


I woke up and had to check the time twice,The light was wrong,I couldn't figure out why, It brought me a chill, like the rug being pulled out,(I imagine how an Earthquake might feel),Unshakeable, reliable nature suddenly not-so,Some strange weather phenomenon? I reached over and parted the curtain,And my heart jumped into my throat,A million … Continue reading Discontinuity