Life In The Horror Show

And there I satAt my wit's endAfter seven months of struggleAnd inexplicable experiences I logged back onto facebookAs my final actMade it plainJust how little of life I cared; There, I glimpsedAmongst it allAfter everything I had experiencedHaving lived on the edge for so longFacing death so many times, alone The faces of those whom … Continue reading Life In The Horror Show

Philosophical Perspectives On Struggle

Everyone reaches their limit at some point,And when that happens, shutting down is the right thing to do,You can never feel bad or guilty for that; When it's either that or killing yourself,You have nothing to lose; It's at that point that you put your community and supportive relationships and whatever safety net welfare system … Continue reading Philosophical Perspectives On Struggle

Overjoyed And Less Alone

Ok that was the ugly,But there have been two hugely positive things in the last weekβ€” β€”The progress towards private psychiatry assessments,β€”Scheduling my first session with Berkshire West Your Way, a charity giving these services: β€”Community supportβ€”Individually tailored one-to-one supportβ€”Peer supportβ€”Social networking; I just had my first 1 hour callΒΉ with the guy who's working … Continue reading Overjoyed And Less Alone

Inspiration πŸ’™

It's just amazing, to me,What has happened to me, Through discovering writing,And WordPress community; I've met so many,Of the people I revere,β€”Those who live life through emotion,And are sparing with their judgement; There's some amazing people on here,Whom share their wisdom freely,Born of experiences so sincere,Yet stillβ€” write so wholly kindly; My poems, lately,Have left … Continue reading Inspiration πŸ’™