All-Too-Familiar Sentiments And Methods

Blasts of loud sounds,Electric shocks,Spankings,Experimental situations turned into "sadistic power plays"; Damn those autistic kids,Flapping about, screaming,Hitting things, throwing things, Not even when "subjected to decibel levels capable of causing physical damage to the ear drum",(Not even),Were their behaviours 'fixed',β€”Only made worse! These crazy kids, not deemed to be reacting in a comprehensible way to … Continue reading All-Too-Familiar Sentiments And Methods

Haunted By A Nightmare

Still alive, still alive,For now,Caring for myself in the most basic of ways,Surviving the emotional pain and getting through this moment only; It is not a time for too much reflection on the past,Not in the present circumstancesβ€”A certain degree of emotional safety is required, before delving into that; Oh, the feeling of bottomless abyss … Continue reading Haunted By A Nightmare

Trauma Dreams Again

I awoke from a dream, yesterdayβ€” My brother had smashed a fire extinguisher,Then my dad arrived on the scene; Implicit assumption, it must have been me,β€”The look on his face of sheer righteousness and disgust,As he pointed the extinguisher,And squirted it at me, as punishment; I tried to shout and to scream,To set the record … Continue reading Trauma Dreams Again


What to do,When family is stalking you?When after too much trauma,You cannot hear from them? When you don't want to share anymore of yourself,Even when it's passive,Via observing your creations; Damn, damn, damn; I tried to cut the contact,Cut it cleanly,To separate myself,From that external dΓ¦mon, "Intercision was the process by which a human was … Continue reading Intercision

Ultimate Portable Gaslighter β€” Special Offer Just For You

I think I've met…The ultimate gaslighter,Damnit; The gaslighter that gets me into a panic,And tells meβ€”Do it again,It wasn't good enough! Gaslighter that tells meβ€”Hey,Where the fook do you think you're going?Don't you walk away from all your problems…That shit is left unfinished and undone; Gaslighter that hateses criticism; Gaslighter that takes over my conscious … Continue reading Ultimate Portable Gaslighter β€” Special Offer Just For You