Between Worlds

As we emerged around the darkened limb of a battered world,The Sun burst through a jagged horizon of cratered plains and ancient uplands,Its raw, unfiltered light casting the lines of my face into sharp relief; An injection of energy and gravitational slingshot set us on our journey homeward,Radio contact re-established,As we slid into the light; … Continue reading Between Worlds

Sarandib Planitia

Pillars of water ice arced over the edge of the world,Expanding, fragmenting,Tiny sparks of light joining the frozen oceans of stars above, The ice shard constellations scattered distant light from beyond the horizon,Signalling the final sunrise; Enceladus, In Greek mythology, Enceladus was one of the Giants, the offspring of Gaia (Earth), and Uranus (Sky). Here … Continue reading Sarandib Planitia

Early Enceladus

Early Enceladus,Eagerly evolved,Eruptions essayed, ether enlaced,Eons eroded ere evenings eclipsed; Evocative eye, ecliptic earring,Evincing exomoons, echoing Europa; … Encrusted, entombed,Embryonic ecology,Ecological exotica eeking economic existence! Episodic expulsions, ebbing ejecta,Evicted extremophiles embarking extended exodus; … Egalitarian emissaries elliptically encaptured,Earlier eras encoded, exposedβ€”Entire epilogues expressly expounded… Exultant epiphany!Evolution evidenced,Enceladites, everywhere,Enduring…even Earth. Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash πŸŒͺ

Origins 2

There is a new dawn coming,As nightsides rotate into view,Terminators creep over fractured landscapes,Frozen oceans glint in new sunlight,Watery depths begin a million-years thawing,The weight of their scarred ice crusts, slowly lifting, There's a new dawn coming,I can feel it,Any day, now,New life may be disinterred,On any of so many of these biological worlds,As they … Continue reading Origins 2

Misfit Minerva

I was a planet on the edge of the solar system,Out beyond the orbits of Uranus and Neptune, Difficult to see, shrouded in mystery,I remained undetected throughout most of antiquity; The traces I left, were difficult to find,Requiring great wisdom and something of creativity, Yet there they were, if one looked closely enough,Woven into the … Continue reading Misfit Minerva

An Errant Meteor

He was an errant meteor,Blazing across the solar system,Skirting the fringes of planetary atmospheres, He was an errant meteor,Arriving unannounced,Inserting himself into alien worlds; Playing with fire, uncaring of dangers,He kicked up a storm,Triggered tsunamis, But he also melted hearts of nitrogen ice,He loosened ancient glaciers,Giving birth to new life. Photo by PaweΕ‚ CzerwiΕ„ski on Unsplash πŸŒͺ

Acidalia Planitia

A fountain of feeling,And knowing sensitivity,Coming down for a soft landing,With the lightest of touches, I'm here for exploration,Graceful, yet bold,As the features, before me,Are familiar yet surprising; It's a subtle and dangerous game,Of experience and insight,Following deepest intuitions,To feel our way through; An atmosphere that is rich with mystery,A restless surface, which swelters and … Continue reading Acidalia Planitia