Badged In Dishonour

SUVs and Land Rovers in blackAre always the most aggressiveTwats Accelerating towards you for no reason at allImparting all that momentum to their precious tons of metal They expect you to move out of the way by defaultIn situations where you have right of wayAnd when you don't, you hold your lineThey're forced to dart … Continue reading Badged In Dishonour

Roads Of Metallic Grey

Bigger,Darker,With ever-brighter lights, Bigger,Darker,Optimally-aggressive presence, Couple that,With no patience,A second Sun rising on every speed bump,Or,A DARPA ground-to-space laser defense system, And,Trigger-happy on the horn,At every slightest perceived grievance, And that's,The growing trends on the roads today! πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ Spread colour,Wherever you can! πŸ₯³And leave the learner drivers alone. πŸŒͺ

A Deathly Rush Of Noise

The death bell has fucking tolled for you,Satan's breath itself rushes down your street, Exploding your bones from the inside out,Your heart is his and your soul is no longer, Ripped out,And torn asunder ha ha! That's the ultimate price you pay, you fucker,For not putting the earplugs in and headphones on earlier. USGS photo … Continue reading A Deathly Rush Of Noise