Life’s Issuance

And then he just…Popped clean out the other sideThe universe, taken in full stride; Turning dead-end voids into tunnelsClosed geometries opened and simplifiedRocky worlds to vibrant biospheresRecycling old starsFinding light in the darkHe takes his timeHas all of it in the worldThere's a right timeFor the ice meltDeep convective heat flow Shifting of the landscapesSeeding … Continue reading Life’s Issuance

Bacteria Organics Water Life

Bacteria survive year on outside of International Space Station,Bacteria survive three years exposed to vacuum of space! …Yes, yes,We can see where this is heading! Bacteria survive ten years in space!Bacteria found surviving at Apollo landing site!! OMGWTFBiscuit Thousand-year-old bacteria found hibernating in space by Earth-orbiting chemistry lab!…Remember those interstellar clouds with absorption wavelengths conspicuously … Continue reading Bacteria Organics Water Life