Appreciation #8

I'm awake,And out of bed,"Yo dude,Get up and get outta bed",As my Bart Simpson alarm clock,Used to say, (And It doesn't matter,How pleasant you think it will sound,How joyously you think you will rouse,β€”It will quickly become,Hell's own death knell); I'm living in a house,With a nice big kitchen,Not living in my car,My screams sounding … Continue reading Appreciation #8

Appreciation #7 πŸ™

I like these poems,β€”Because I usually begin,With no inspiration, But with a topic to start with,It quickly starts flowing,My mind, the creative,Is unconsciously rhyming πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ; I used to hate emojis,Particularly over-use of them,But, since I'm often complaining,About restrictions of text,I've found their implementation,To dramatically help with subtext πŸ˜‰, So, yes,I love and I hate to … Continue reading Appreciation #7 πŸ™

Appreciation #6

I have no funny or interesting preface,For this one, today,I don't even know,How I wrote the others, previously! I appreciate my emotions,Which I feel for myself,And for others too,β€”Sometimes for good,And sometimes for bad 😈,No not really! But seriously,It feels like I conjure emotional landscapes,In my mind sometimes,In response to music,Whilst thinking of my hopes … Continue reading Appreciation #6

Appreciation #4

Seriously,Stop ruminating, I need to write,An appreciation poem! I am nothing,If not 'all or nothing',For today I got up at 3.30,β€”Why not, I got to sleep so early! But still,I'm overthinking,Being hard on myself,Which only results in...Ruminating,Time disappearing into a black hole so big,It could power a quasar; Isn't that interesting?The largest black holes in … Continue reading Appreciation #4

Appreciation #2

It's a little weird,To be doing this, When this daily stream of consciousness is...Contiguous with the last, (And still, somehow,I manage to be late!)But anyway, Some things that I appreciate: I woke up today,β€”Or rather,Gave up on sleep,But don't tell anybody!β€”I'm alive in the universe,That's a good thing; Living in this house...Has constituted an important … Continue reading Appreciation #2

Appreciation πŸ‘Š #1

I aim to write most mornings,A list of (three) things that I'm grateful for, For I was inspired, by a little book,And I remain so ever grateful: My carβ€”Which housed me for so long,And keeps on going,So reliably; My little brother Tobyβ€”Who connects with me emotionally,And through his struggles and achievements,Inspires me additionally; Little Mistyβ€”Who … Continue reading Appreciation πŸ‘Š #1

Three Trips For Sweet Revenge

Three trips,To the rubbish tip, Now I rest,Having accomplished it; I know this is virtue-signalling,But that's not why I'm saying it,Just trying to say,That I'm now done with it; And as I said to the council supporter,β€”I can handle it,When I know it's appreciated; I have to say,It was a big exposure therapy,β€”Controlling the OCD … Continue reading Three Trips For Sweet Revenge