For. Fuck’s. Sake

I sometimes write creatively perhaps in a way which isn't always immediately obvious, especially when partially-inspired by personal experiences. I enjoy writing in first-person with a subtly-satirical style. Please read tags if unsure! I came out here for some peace and quietWhich was going just fine, untilThat Mr. Musk moved in next door Now even … Continue reading For. Fuck’s. Sake

No More Words

It was funny how even now, not much had changed;Funny, terrifying, surreal,It would be hard to sum it up in words,Complex emotions we'd never expected to feel;All the same, at some fundamental level we'd remained blissfully, wilfully unaware,These final few months; As the sky began to blot out,The darkening, growing shadow falling across the upper … Continue reading No More Words

The Sheltering 2

Who knew if we would find survivors,This long after the Fall,We'd suffered losses over the years,And all longed for new human connections, What we lacked in medical expertise we made up for in engineering ability,But we needed to diversify,…And we were simply curious; It was a long, long shot in the dark,Attempting to connect the … Continue reading The Sheltering 2

Dead Roses

Sepia-tinged fields outside my window,Sun-baked dust eroded and carried aloft,Whirling devils coat grimy, broken glass,Everything washed away with the previous rainfall;Nothing green remains, nothing moves; We only ever wanted,To get through it,We couldn't contemplate the true costs, This scarce, dry world filled with old men and women,With little energy,To do nothing but hang on; We … Continue reading Dead Roses

The Apocalypti

Living like a hermit in my misery stewin',Waiting on a vaccine might not even be comin', Nelson Mandela living trying not to go crazy,Tending my plants try'na get me some greenery! Stabbing my baked potato like I'm subverting the monarchy,Living the retro cos…F**K YOU to technology, Afraid to go out, it's the societal crackdown,Confined to … Continue reading The Apocalypti

Dad I Think It’s The End Times

It's the twenty-first century and humanity's gone batshit crazy,There's a viral epidemic becoming unstoppably endemic, wE NeEd tO Be cLeAr tHeRe iS No mEaT iN ThE vAcCinE,wE NeEd tO Be cLeAr tHeRe iS No mEaT iN ThE vAcCinE, An irreversible infection,For which there's no known vaccination, TheRe Is nO MeAt In tHe vAcCiNe,tHeRe iS No … Continue reading Dad I Think It’s The End Times

End Of Lockdown

We've been in lockdown, for almost a year nowβ€”We thought we had it bad,But then the government supplies stopped, We tried to help our neighbours out,Whilst there were still seeds of cooperation,But ultimately the pockets of desperation,Unfortunately won out; There's not much to live for in these days,The cost of survival, is simply too great, … Continue reading End Of Lockdown