Lifelong Struggles

A life full of people telling me I have so much potential,Yet never actually having the stability and conditions I need to do that, Through injury,Environment issues,Or mental health problems,Where the mental health problems are a result of: Genetics,Injury,Environment issues,Lack of stability,Lack of feeling fulfiled, All the while with plenty of ideas for things which … Continue reading Lifelong Struggles

Meta-Meta F***ed Up Mental Rituals

Why do I do this to myself?When I start to gain a feeling of clarity,Of present-ness,And enjoyment or satisfaction from something, β€”Such as cleaning the scooter outside,(As the next step towards getting it fixed),Enjoying being out in the sun, for once,After enjoying none of the last year's Summer,Immune and numb to the sunshine, what a … Continue reading Meta-Meta F***ed Up Mental Rituals