One Of The Pillars Of Neurodiversity

I've found this to be one of the greatest differences that exists between individual humans, along with built-in levels of empathy. Turns out with exercise, people fall along a whole spectrum from those who experience nirvana through exercise, and those who feel better without it. My youngest brother is an example of the second who's … Continue reading One Of The Pillars Of Neurodiversity

Supermarket Mission Creep

How I planned this morning: 05:00: get up.06:00: go to supermarket to get some food.06:45: get back home to do other stuff. Mission-elapsed time: 45 minutes. What actually happened: 05:00: get up.06:00: go to supermarket to get some food.06:15: realise I don't have my card and have to wait until 8am to be able to … Continue reading Supermarket Mission Creep

My Mental Health Podcasts

I really want to give credit to and share three mental health podcasts which have inspired me over the last few years (in the order in which I started listening to them!): Faster Than Normal β€” I really like its ADHD-friendly speed and length of episodes! And there can be some really funny anecdotes with … Continue reading My Mental Health Podcasts

Autism Accompaniments

"A range of physical and mental-health conditions frequently accompany autism. They include, but are not limited to, the followingΒΉ: Gastrointestinal (GI) problemsEpilepsyFeeding issues, check (a (two-year?) period in early childhood)Disrupted sleep, checkAttention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), checkAnxiety, checkDepression, checkObsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), checkSchizophreniaBipolar Disorder Oh. ΒΉFrom Autism Speaks. (I already realised most of those, it was just … Continue reading Autism Accompaniments

Maths Teacher

My maths teacher,(Who for some reason,Hated me πŸ€”),Once tried to make fun of me... Smirking, with ice in her eyes,She saidβ€” "Ye joost yoosed a dubble neg-ah-ive!" 😏, Trying to use logic against me, "I know,β€”I meant to..."; The great irony of it wasβ€”I was not only the best-in-class at maths,(Apart from those doing further … Continue reading Maths Teacher