A Winged Bat And Hooves For Hands

Yesβ€” missed opportunities,Changed plans,By the time I've snapped out of it, regained my senses,It's too late to do that,But I can do this, Continual adaptation, resurfacing,Reframing,Adjusting to the circumstances I find myself in,On the hoof,Off the bat,Wing and a prayer,The hand that's dealt, Oh, well, that's fine,We are not to blame,It's the OCD/dissociative way πŸ˜πŸ€—. … Continue reading A Winged Bat And Hooves For Hands

Twinkling Of An Eye?

It's not happening in the 'twinkling of an eye',That's the scariest thing, Geologists describe 100,000 years,As the 'twinkling of an eye'; It's happening much faster than that,β€”In decadesβ€”Which is ten thousand times faster,Than the twinkling of an eye; How then,To describe such a change? I don't know,I'm struggling. Nasa Earth Observatory. Astronaut photo taken from … Continue reading Twinkling Of An Eye?