They Have Decided

I have finally 'won' and had a benefits decision go in my favour. The very language of 'winning' and 'losing' comes naturally throughout these processes yet is very telling and is very fucked. Of course, they weaselled out of the back-payment when I didn't even know that that was 'optional'. Thus the state suffers absolutely … Continue reading They Have Decided

Well Well Well…

I am subscribed to newsletters from the Good Law Project and donated a few Β£ to their cause on uncovering this particular shocking piece of corruption…There's no escaping the law, even when you are the law. You can delay and perjure and pervert the course of justice but it catches up eventually. As each day … Continue reading Well Well Well…

Tipping Point

I was always wondering when the tipping point comes, and how does it come. Now I know the answer: here in the UK it's through the action of unions and formalised protests and strikes. Outside of those we are not coordinated or pro-active enough for large-scale political protests. These late-stage protests are instead industry/economy-related. If … Continue reading Tipping Point

Channel The Outrage

Yeah, tell yourself that "But we're the 5th/6th biggest economy!""But you should be lucky to live here, it's really not that bad!""But we're a First-World Western Democwacy!" Aww! πŸ₯Ί Then tell that to the victims of the chronic genocide of the disabled and vulnerableThen tell that to the victims of the exponentially-growing healthcare waiting listsThen … Continue reading Channel The Outrage

Follow The ‘Why’s

It will never stopThe rotUnless we refuse to be bogged downBy life's auxiliary worries and complicationsAnd get to the sourceOf why it is like this; For solving any problemYou have to follow the 'why'sAll the way downNo matter where it takes youNor how uncomfortable it may be; Why is such a party governing our countryAnd … Continue reading Follow The ‘Why’s