The Next Labour Governmentβ„’

They only went and did itThe Next Labour Governmentβ„’Invested so much money into our countryEnabled world-beating scientific breakthroughsThey've unleashed hell and created causal ambiguityThey've gone back in time and meddled in economicsInstigated the current recessionWhich will lead to our downfall in the next General Election landslide victoryFor themAll for themThey've broken the continuity of the … Continue reading The Next Labour Governmentβ„’

Five Questions

Captain Smith, it's been two weeks since your incredible…unbelievable rescue from the Pacific Ocean,How are you holding up!? Oh, ah…It's been a crazy two weeks that's for sure. Considering everything, I'm doing very well, thank you! It's amazing how the body recovers when it has what it needs. Is it true that you wrestled a … Continue reading Five Questions

5G Fruitcake Stall

Oh the irony!5G back in the news again,5G equipment to be removed from UK network,Over privacy concerns with Huawei; This is just the start!You'll see!It's all fitting the theory perfectly! The coronavirus outbreak, caused by 5G signals,Just so happened to begin in China,Where Huawei is based! And now the government is banning Huawei 5G…It's done … Continue reading 5G Fruitcake Stall