Wait for the reportWait for the police investigationWait for the warWait for the local electionWait for the reportWait for the jubileeWait for the vote of no-confidenceWait for the by-electionWait for the second vote of no-confidenceWait for the general electionWait for the monkeypox outbreakWait for the droughtWait for the floodWait for the famine They needed another … Continue reading Meltdown

Still Very Much Alive

The country is not ruinedDemocracy is not deadEven though it's not as representative as it could beBecause they are not all the sameAnd people do go into politics to make a positive differenceIt's just a matter of voting for themIncluding (or especially) the ones who stand for electoral reform; What does defeat a countryAnd kill … Continue reading Still Very Much Alive

A Time For Protest

It's the first summer Jubilee evening,And there's lots of people about, But I'm sitting here at home,Just hoping,It chucks it down all weekend; There has never been a better time,To be angry at the rich, powerful and privileged,Abusers, narcissists, taking us for fools,All the while thinking they're untouchable; One can only hope,That it's a total … Continue reading A Time For Protest