A Time For Protest

It's the first summer Jubilee evening,And there's lots of people about, But I'm sitting here at home,Just hoping,It chucks it down all weekend; There has never been a better time,To be angry at the rich, powerful and privileged,Abusers, narcissists, taking us for fools,All the while thinking they're untouchable; One can only hope,That it's a total … Continue reading A Time For Protest

I Will Tell You What You Are

You're too middle classYou've been to universityYou don't look or sound like someone in need You're a dodgy benefits scroungerYou're not even employedYou'll trash the place before I can say 'cunt' Society is perceived to be made up of rigid caricaturesAnd you're expected to fit into exactly one of them at any given timeRegardless of … Continue reading I Will Tell You What You Are

Not The Right Type Of Vulnerable

Are you suffering physical abuse?No Are you suffering sexual abuse?No Do you have problems with drugs or addiction?No Then I'm afraid we can't help you. The fuck? PTSD,Emotional abuse,Invisible physical disabilities,Suicidal thoughts,Self-harm,Autism,OCD, All examples of things which don't make you the right type of vulnerable. It's ok, though,Because there are private rented accommodations,However being in … Continue reading Not The Right Type Of Vulnerable

Follow The ‘Why’s

It will never stopThe rotUnless we refuse to be bogged downBy life's auxiliary worries and complicationsAnd get to the sourceOf why it is like this; For solving any problemYou have to follow the 'why'sAll the way downNo matter where it takes youNor how uncomfortable it may be; Why is such a party governing our countryAnd … Continue reading Follow The ‘Why’s

Elections And Engagement

People in the UK are mostly incredibly disengaged from politics or in other words the management of the country and local areas. It's obvious why this happens: Lack of engagement in people around them whilst growing up.An obvious and illogical gap in formal education on the subject starting at school.It's a subject especially rich in … Continue reading Elections And Engagement

Life’s Issuance

And then he just…Popped clean out the other sideThe universe, taken in full stride; Turning dead-end voids into tunnelsClosed geometries opened and simplifiedRocky worlds to vibrant biospheresRecycling old starsFinding light in the darkHe takes his timeHas all of it in the worldThere's a right timeFor the ice meltDeep convective heat flow Shifting of the landscapesSeeding … Continue reading Life’s Issuance

Only A Small Exaggeration/Sportswashing

Just a hypothetical, imagined scenario based on real-life pandering and apologising for sportswashing and ridiculous decisions… Is it ever possible to clearly define sportswashing? Which countries should be endorsed with sporting events and which not? You could probably discuss a lot of arguments on that but nevertheless I think this particular scenario clearly helps to … Continue reading Only A Small Exaggeration/Sportswashing