Anti-Vaccine Idiot

Don't wanna be an anti-vaccine idiotDon't want a nation controlled by the mediaAnd can you hear the sound of hysteria?The subliminal 5G mobile data Welcome to a new kind of tensionAll across the vaccination nationWhere everything isn't meant to be okayRing-wing fascist dreams of tomorrowWe're not the ones who're meant to follow'cause my friends on … Continue reading Anti-Vaccine Idiot

Fourth Literary Dimension?

Should've,Could've,Would've…everybody, ever Yeah, yeah…Would've,Should've,Could've,…But you didn't.everybody's manager I've been searching the ether for additional possibilities to this common expression,(Because I like collections and sets),And discovered a possible fourth oneβ€” Goa'uld've (i.e. aliens have done it); Example usage: Yeah whatever mate…Should've,Could've,Would've,Goa'uld've,…But none of that is of any use to me, is it?β€”So fahck off back to … Continue reading Fourth Literary Dimension?

Back To The Nineties

I want to go back to the nineties,When it was all command lines and 2D games,And you couldn't afford to buy the real game,You just took the demo CDs off the fronts of magazines,And even that was like all your christmases coming at once, 😭😭😭😭😭 And you didn't have google maps you just had to … Continue reading Back To The Nineties

Impenetrable Defences

England will be allowed to play in their final group game against Czech Republic despite Scottish midfielder Barry Gilmour testing positive for Covid-19 shortly after the two sides' nil–nil draw; Following suggestions the England side should self-isolate, UEFA has referred to the UK government's own guidance on social distancing: COVID-19 spreads through close sustained contact … Continue reading Impenetrable Defences

Dwarf Planet Misty πŸ•β€πŸ¦Ί

Pluto is the Misty of the solar systemβ€” It's small and cute and fluffy with its soft atmosphere and mountains,It's a miniature version of a bigger thing,And it's already named after a dog. PETITION TO RENAME PLUTO TO MISTY! β€”Misty is the Pluto of the dogosphere. (Just don't call her a dwarf dog πŸ€ͺ). The … Continue reading Dwarf Planet Misty πŸ•β€πŸ¦Ί

Anti-Gravity Bootstraps

Non-third-law-compliant anti-gravity bootstraps are the key to interstellar travelβ€”For if a man can pull himself up by his own bootstraps,Then with enough of such material…A spacecraft can drag itself out of the solar system and across interstellar distances, at will; That's ridiculous; Don't f**kin' say it then unless you're prepared to imagine the physical consequences!! … Continue reading Anti-Gravity Bootstraps