Neighbour From Hell

Like the supermarket trolleys lining the ditches of slip roads into concrete junglesOr Audis and BMWs scattered down mountainsides of the Scottish HighlandsKarma for the presumptuousness of personal satisfactionAnd over-confidence in oneself All roads lead to pain and ruinAnd a flat tyre along the wayEven if you're driving a ten-year-old SkodaLiving a perfect, modest moral … Continue reading Neighbour From Hell


I love the way my hair frames my vision, when I wake up,Draping down like willow leaves,My own private nursery of restoration and rejuvenation, Or looking across a lake at sunset,With tree branches framing the view, Or just the satisfying feeling ofbeing fully in character, remembering past resiliences,A monster rising from its tomb,Embodying the undead … Continue reading Undeaded

Hell In OCD

I've had a particular OCD compulsion which has been consuming me all year,Taking up several hours or more of each day,It's so incredibly intrusive and pernicious,To do with readiness, not being agitated by a physical discomfort, I repeat the compulsion which solves an imaginary problem, The point is that more than any other compulsion it's … Continue reading Hell In OCD

Depths Of Blinking OCD

Another of my sporadic essay comment replies turned into a post :): Uh what are you doing, counting your blinks? Sort of! Blinking compulsively, simply to satisfy an urge to blink and precisely because I don't want to keep doing this exaggerated, one-eyed, purposeful blinking because it causes eye and head aches, makes my vision … Continue reading Depths Of Blinking OCD

Counting To Avoid Infinities

Is it a possible strategyβ€”Prescribing a specific number of repetitionsβ€”In order to combat Just Right OCD? I'm not talking about things which only need to be done once,But things like applying roll-on deodorant;(Hygiene OCD!?) It's funny because this works,Funny because at other times OCD prescribes exactly this counting in nonsensical scenarios,Prescribes symmetry where it is … Continue reading Counting To Avoid Infinities