Another Solution

The solutions which keep me going,Amidst an environment which makes no sense,And people whom defy explanation, Are a reflection of some amount of fortune for which I am glad,And my cast-iron will and indignation to make it through,Solving problems one by one,To survive and look back at this fucking place from safety. If you haven't … Continue reading Another Solution

Incidents In The Middle Of The Night

Ok, so…I heard a knocking in the middle of the night, on my window once again,Was already tense because I'd stayed up to find out what happened in the F1 race, I was nervous about it because of a dangerous track, I'd really just wanted to check nobody died;Just finished watching it when I thought … Continue reading Incidents In The Middle Of The Night

Gotta Love Lawyers (And Natural Selection yay)

I gathered all of my documents in the night,Going through the list the lawyer supplied,Collecting, categorising, stapling loose papers, printingβ€”Just short by 8 sheets…sheets which were wasted in the initial HP Smart app issue…On a ream which lasted me four and a half years; Anyway, waited till dawn and got more paper, stapled the last … Continue reading Gotta Love Lawyers (And Natural Selection yay)

Why Schoolteachers Hate ‘im

"Erm, excuse me Miss?", "Yes, Robin?", "Err you've spelt 'woman' wrongβ€” it should have an 'A' instead of an 'E'", "…no, it looks correct…", "Wait, what? 'women' is the plural spelling of 'woman'", "No, this is the correct spelling for 'woman'", "It's 'one womAn', 'two womEn'!…How do you spell the plural of 'woman'?", "w. o. … Continue reading Why Schoolteachers Hate ‘im

A Funny Addendum In My Mad Life

With spirit marginally restored,I resumed the hunt for the lost phone, Yet all I could do,Was check the same four places again, Jacketβ€”Nope,Trouser pocketsβ€”Nope,Carβ€”Nope,Bathroomβ€”Nope; Then I thoughtβ€”A torch would be useful,β€”But that was one of the functions,Of the lost phone :(, Then I thoughtβ€”The sensible thing, now,Would be to wait until daylight,But I'm not sensible, … Continue reading A Funny Addendum In My Mad Life

Three Trips For Sweet Revenge

Three trips,To the rubbish tip, Now I rest,Having accomplished it; I know this is virtue-signalling,But that's not why I'm saying it,Just trying to say,That I'm now done with it; And as I said to the council supporter,β€”I can handle it,When I know it's appreciated; I have to say,It was a big exposure therapy,β€”Controlling the OCD … Continue reading Three Trips For Sweet Revenge

Benefit Of A Doubt

(Work Capability Assessment). Well now I feel like a fool,I feel like a tool, β€”I shouldn't have read all those horror stories,It really wasn't that bad at all! And that was a good start,I love when it goes like that; I mean,Maybe those stories were true,But for what it's worth,My experience was good; It wasn't … Continue reading Benefit Of A Doubt

Flying Free πŸ¦…

Final year,Of university,Army training,With OTC, Sergeant Major,Has an ideaβ€”Who wants to come parachuting?Definitely me! Salisbury plain,April 2009,Static-line solo jump,β€”That's the plan; A day of training,It begins...With a bit of teaching,Explaining theory; Next, harness training,Suspended by bungees,Hanging indignantly,To practice steering; Now listen up!Reserve-chute procedure,...Should you need it,If things are looking dire; Now, for landing,Let's practice flaring,At … Continue reading Flying Free πŸ¦…