Reaching Out

There is nothing more humbling than hearing the difficulties of others,Than being the person whom somebody else is turning to,Hearing another's tears, as they're experiencing something you've felt, It's shattering, heart-breaking, a helpless feeling, I would go to the ends of the Earth to help somebody out of it,To listen to them talk about it,Anybody; … Continue reading Reaching Out

Sertraline Sensitivity

Okβ€”Regular and precise dosage time,Never changing from the optimum breakfast,Those are my strict requirements,For making use of antidepressants,And to avoid missed-dose syndrome,Which, for me,Sets in so rapidly (just 2 hours over 24 hours); The battle with OCD cannot be won,When the medication is so on-and-off,Medication withdrawals trump everything,But…when it's working,When I've eaten for breakfast the … Continue reading Sertraline Sensitivity

In Deep

He has to go deep,Deep,To the centre of the Earth,Where there's a diamond,Of beauty and strength,Apparently. I'm anxiously waiting for the psychiatry company to get back to me, because I asked to make an appointment with their psychologist. I am just going to make an appointment and ask family to pay for the appointments, because … Continue reading In Deep

Voyage Across The Universe

Voyage across the universe,To reach the welcoming stars,I never thought it would take this long,But I've already come this far, Nothing about it is glamorous,Nor is it romantic,It doesn't involve hunting bison,Nor lighting a fire at night, But that's why it's called survival,And why it's called a journey,A journey without an ETA,Only an endpoint, burning … Continue reading Voyage Across The Universe

Bittersweet Reminders

It's really crazy,How many unmet needs I have right now,There are so many factors,Crushing down my mood, Crushing my mood,And boosting OCD,For it's impossible to put into words,How much it all matters; I feel very keenly,The contribution of daylight,And feel very keenly,The satisfaction from cooking,It's the same with exercising,And daily achievements,Healthy eating,And regular routines; It's … Continue reading Bittersweet Reminders

True Depression

True depression,When you persistently cannot get out of bed,For hours and hours,And nothing makes you feel better, There is no comfort,In being told to keep going,And there's no comfort,In people telling you they care about you; You feel sick,Unmotivated,With a headache,And losing appetite; It's the end game,When nothing but finally escaping toxic environments,Will help me; … Continue reading True Depression

I Am Superhuman

I've lost a lot,I've really been hit by the lockdown,My growing network of friends and support was based around the charities which were helping me,Two of them had to stop because of the lockdown (and one has fallen out with me over a misunderstanding, which we cannot resolve because of the lockdown itself preventing me … Continue reading I Am Superhuman