Opportunities For Vaccination

It's the moment you've all been waiting for,The culmination of the global vaccination war, The pathway before us is paved with the dead,Wake up, get moving…to pay off our debts! Put down your guns,Pick up the needles,Relinquish your power,To the governmenthuman-harvestingmachine!! I've never been so full of life before,As my veins are pumped through with … Continue reading Opportunities For Vaccination

Opportunities For Mutation

It's the twenty-first century and people are everywhere,Viral replication is advancing like wildfire…! Each new host brings opportunities for replication,Andβ€” subject to environmental interaction,Opportunities for mutation; One, two, three, fourβ€”It's time to go…VIRRRALLLL!! …SPIKE-PROTEIN INSERTION,VIRUS-CELL ADSORPTION,SITES OF REPLICATION,RIBOSOME CANTATIONS! RNA TRANSCRIPTION,DEVIL-CHILD CREATION,HOST CELL MEMBRANE FUSION,VIRAL RE-EJECTION…! Multiply!Catalyse!Diversify!Terrorise! Multiply!Catalyse!Diversify,Re-terrorise! …The possibility of viral gene mutation remains … Continue reading Opportunities For Mutation

I Thought There Was A Body…

I thought there was a body in the room above me,Any day now…The juices will come on drippin' down, I thought there was a body in the room above me,The windows are open,Since early last June, I thought there was a body in the room above me,But then I heard tremendous banging and stomping,As the … Continue reading I Thought There Was A Body…

Origins 2

There is a new dawn coming,As nightsides rotate into view,Terminators creep over fractured landscapes,Frozen oceans glint in new sunlight,Watery depths begin a million-years thawing,The weight of their scarred ice crusts, slowly lifting, There's a new dawn coming,I can feel it,Any day, now,New life may be disinterred,On any of so many of these biological worlds,As they … Continue reading Origins 2