Ups And Downs

I need to take the same approachWith the arthritisAs with mental healthβ€” Enjoy the ups and the periods of clarityWithout judgement or guilt or rumination And when it hurts, try not to project onwardsFrom the current sensationsThis only makes it worse When I think back, I rememberRemarkable phases of ups and downs with knee painAnd … Continue reading Ups And Downs

Eternal Winter

I love the winter,Although I’m currently missing it; I’m not going to dwell on it––But it’s because of the scooter; Before I had that scooter,I’d few reasons to get outside,Since, with the knees,My only option was to drive, And I love being outside,Especially in winter,Breathing inside,All of that beautiful, cold fresh air; You know the … Continue reading Eternal Winter

I Feel So Much Better

One week in,Taking Sertraline,I'm not holding my breath,Because I feel so much better, At times I have felt,Like I would have, years ago,Finally sitting down,After hours on the go, When after satisfying my body's physical needs,Able to relax,I could set about reading,And satisfy my intellectual needs, So often,I had to choose,One or the other,It's incredibly … Continue reading I Feel So Much Better

Knee Pain

It's often so difficult,To explain to people,Why it's so important,That I avoid knee pain, I avoid overuse,So that I retain their use,For moving around inside,Without limitation, For that is the most depressing case,When you feel unable,To go out to the car, to get something,Or make a cup of tea,Without having that reminder,That ... it's a … Continue reading Knee Pain