Stay Of Execution

I was looking forward to having a relatively good weekend,I was on the up again for a few days,But the person from Salvation Army's been phoning spontaneously again,Rather than the pre-arranged calls I originally requested; And they asked me for the thousandth timeβ€”When is it you're 35 again?Because that's the milestone that makes me deserving … Continue reading Stay Of Execution

I’m So Exhausted

I'm so exhausted,From battling with everything stacked against me, In multiple directions I have to struggle to get anywhere near to what I need,I was only able to make progress with help from the Green Health and Stepping Forward charities,And it seems like I've lost the support of both, now;Sarah went into planned surgery without … Continue reading I’m So Exhausted

The Lost Things

I don't know how this happensβ€”I sometimes lose things,Within such a small physical space,And also such a small amount of time; It happened repeatedly, last year,Whilst living in the carβ€”One moment I could be holding something,Ten seconds later, it was gone,Sometimes irretrievably; It was always different reasonsβ€”Once, it was a black item,And it fell between … Continue reading The Lost Things

Tourettes-Like Demons

Oh dear,This is exhausting, As well as the ruminating,β€”This Tourettes-like muscle tensing; I usually have both,At the same time,And increases in rumination,Mean increases in tensing; But even without rumination,Or even OCD,Still, there's the battle,With endless stomach-crunching; β€”Fine, you know what,I'll come clean,Here is the full f***ing list,Of my Tourettes-like things: Voluntary blinking,Voluntary abdominal tensing,Voluntary eye … Continue reading Tourettes-Like Demons