One Of The Pillars Of Neurodiversity

I've found this to be one of the greatest differences that exists between individual humans, along with built-in levels of empathy. Turns out with exercise, people fall along a whole spectrum from those who experience nirvana through exercise, and those who feel better without it. My youngest brother is an example of the second who's … Continue reading One Of The Pillars Of Neurodiversity

Supermarket Mission Creep

How I planned this morning: 05:00: get up.06:00: go to supermarket to get some food.06:45: get back home to do other stuff. Mission-elapsed time: 45 minutes. What actually happened: 05:00: get up.06:00: go to supermarket to get some food.06:15: realise I don't have my card and have to wait until 8am to be able to … Continue reading Supermarket Mission Creep

Side Quests Upon Side Quests Upon…

Welcome back to my life,I went back to the supermarket,Got all my stuffβ€¦πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ Oh yeah, the card!(A nested 'oh yeah' this timeβ€” "Oh yeah 'Oh yeah, the card!!'"), "Excuse me I left my card here the other day…", "…Oh we can't check that until 8am", "Ah ok, sorry, I'll have to leave this stuff here … Continue reading Side Quests Upon Side Quests Upon…

Normal Wild Goose Chases And Tails

Story of my life,I'm at the supermarket,About to pay for everything… β€”Where is my bank card!!!???How can it possibly not be in there,For it never has to leave the phone case!! And of course, purely because Apple Pay still doesn't work,I had to just come back home; Then, as always, just as I got back … Continue reading Normal Wild Goose Chases And Tails

My Mental Health Podcasts

I really want to give credit to and share three mental health podcasts which have inspired me over the last few years (in the order in which I started listening to them!): Faster Than Normal β€” I really like its ADHD-friendly speed and length of episodes! And there can be some really funny anecdotes with … Continue reading My Mental Health Podcasts

ADHD, OCD And Autism

ADHD, OCD and autism,Go to see a psychiatrist… I'm feeling very satisfied with myself,Because,The psychiatrist has just diagnosed me with OCD too,(At no extra cost),YES!Which means that all three diagnoses have now been backed up,By psychiatrists,😁; Now, whenever anybody asks me,"But have you been diagnosheshsehdhdedd with OCD or autism?",I can sayβ€”Yes, fucker! I really should … Continue reading ADHD, OCD And Autism

Complementing Conscious Calm

Here's another fundamental truth, for me,And one which I now feel I can do something about, again, β€”An initial, immediate dopamine boost from exercise in the mornings,Or anything,Is crucial for me to avoid sinking into negative over-thinking! It really is,And was the reason behind exercising in the mornings for so long,Even for all of those … Continue reading Complementing Conscious Calm

Reasons Why Supermarket Direction Arrows Are A Trap For ADHD People

You don't even realise they exist until 3 weeks in,You forget they exist so forget to look down to check them,You're continually pushing the boundaries with how far you can backtrack down an aisle to get something that you forgot to get, or that you just couldn't find first time,They make everyone else move even … Continue reading Reasons Why Supermarket Direction Arrows Are A Trap For ADHD People

Wheelchair Basketball πŸ€πŸ‘¨πŸ½β€πŸ¦½

They actually got back to me!β€”The wheelchair basketball people, She'd been in hospital,Bad timing, was all, And I've been invited to go along,On Saturdayβ€” just two days! I'm hugely excited,Because I tried wheelchair basketball, beforeβ€”In Summer 2018,It's been sooo long! Previously, I'd had to stop,Because I was discriminated against,And didn't get to play,β€”The coach was … Continue reading Wheelchair Basketball πŸ€πŸ‘¨πŸ½β€πŸ¦½

How Easily I Lose Things

I'm endlessly surprised,At my ability to lose something, Within the space of 10 seconds; I'm great at not losing things over time,β€”I'm highly organised,Everything has its place,And it's easy to locate everything; But when things are en-route,Between such places,β€”There's the loophole,They can go missing! I just had my phone,With me in the car,Went to the … Continue reading How Easily I Lose Things