Moment Of Reckoning/The DWP Kill People

The benefits advisor was amusingly torn between two conflicting emotions and interests,As he filled in Sarah of Stepping Forward about the treatment inflicted upon the nation's vulnerable by the Department of Work and Pensions; He recounted a recent example of somebody winning a case against the DWP, on some particular definition,And how, obviously,The DWP has … Continue reading Moment Of Reckoning/The DWP Kill People

Could I Sue My Landlord? πŸ€”

The landlord came round today, as they've done many times lately with housemate F moving out (they're always back and forth for a week after anybody leaves), and I happened to notice the camera notifications just after returning to my room and lying down on the bed. Firstly I was uneasy at just how close … Continue reading Could I Sue My Landlord? πŸ€”

A Paragraph Which Says A Lot

I followed up my email with this: A big difficulty I've known I would have with finding my own place is that I'm not going to be able to get a good reference from my current letting agent, given the irrational abuse and harassment they subjected me to, even physical assault, accusations of growing weed, … Continue reading A Paragraph Which Says A Lot

Some Progress

Typed upfull incident log,Printed outtwo copies,Samaritans chatted to me in my room, Fuck yes, they were really nice,Supportive,Non-dismissive,Marked down'Condition of tenant's room'as'Excellent',"Like being in a spa"they said,"Keep it like this"they said,bathed in lavender;"Are these plants real?","Yes of course they fucking are πŸ˜‚"; Next daypolice called,Went throughthe landlord 'assault' incident in detail, They dismissed all the … Continue reading Some Progress