Pass The Parcel Or Pass The Bomb?

Clare from Salvation Army just left. I swear I am currently existing off these weekly morale boosts. What has boosted my morale was not any good news in particular, merely the feeling of being understood: Clare's been contacting more landlords and letting agents, but hitting the expected brick wall of everything being 'means-tested' and not … Continue reading Pass The Parcel Or Pass The Bomb?

Launchpad’s Paradoxical Feedback

"I just had a few concerns regarding how you would manage with our clientele.""I’m also concerned with your housing benefit entitlement and the potential of topping up. It may be worth discussing with Clare and asking her to complete entitled to The rents with us would be Β£418.84 a week. Β£18.84 being a service charge.""My … Continue reading Launchpad’s Paradoxical Feedback

Noes All The Way Down

Went to Launchpad registration appointment last Wednesday, to register for the second time in 7 months after they randomly closed my previous case after accepting me.Appointment took 1 hour, carefully going through a bunch of stuff and completing a 'recovery star'. Right at the very end it occurred to them that they would have trouble … Continue reading Noes All The Way Down