Beaten Down

In the beginning blogging helped a lotIn the beginning Sertraline medication helped a lotIn the beginning self-practised ERP therapy helped a lot They all still help but I ran out of 'fresh starts' from too many drastic changes of circumstancesI'm worn out and can't go any further without intervention from the psychologistAnd having all the … Continue reading Beaten Down

Limits To Twitter

Careful not to confuse TwitterWith the internet or physical technology themselves;It's not Twitter that 'democratises' informationβ€”That was the internet and handheld technology; We are not beholden to a single private company for any of these thingsAnd perhaps it should be questioned why Twitter became so freely, exclusivelyEmbedded into our daily news articles in the first … Continue reading Limits To Twitter

Work Capability Assessment Again

Well the work capability assessment is happening soon. I got a letter with a date in December but the benefits advisor wasn't available for then, so I've rearranged it and waiting to hear from him whether he'll be able to make that one. It's been 33 months since the last one, and despite being deemed … Continue reading Work Capability Assessment Again

Found A Psychologist

I accepted the necessity of finding a remote specialist and this morning found one based in Edinburgh of all places (where I've previously lived for 6 years), whom I called up to schedule a free consultation call. Her website was very promising since she mostly spoke about OCD, complex trauma and PTSD. On the call … Continue reading Found A Psychologist

Still Looking For An OCD Therapist

I'm still following up with a couple of psychology places to try to get some private sessions with someone who's hopefully equipped to deal with OCD. It really is such a specialist area and skillset. I emailed the most hopeful option (in-person sessions, most professional-looking) on Monday, and this time got an out-of-office reply that … Continue reading Still Looking For An OCD Therapist