Cro没ton’s Got Her Cute On 馃惞

Little Cro没ton is so cuteEe eye ee eye ohWith a sniff-sniff here and a sniff-sniff thereHere a sniffThere a sniffEverywhere a cute sniffLittle Cro没ton is so cuteEe eye ee eye oh! Also I was looking through Happy Hamsters' Instagram and found this older picture of Cro没ton. So she does like certain hoomans! 馃槫 Look … Continue reading Cro没ton’s Got Her Cute On 馃惞

My Hamster Hates Me 馃槩

Cro没ton had some teething issues during the first 10 days after adopting her鈥he started chewing part of the base of the wooden enclosure, which I knew was a possibility beforehand but she was fine for most of the first week. After a few days I emailed Happy Hamsters about it, and also realised that her … Continue reading My Hamster Hates Me 馃槩

La Grande Crouton!

My previous hamster 25 years ago was a male golden Syrian hamster named Stephen. Crouton is a female and she's massive 馃槄. She's a giant fluffy potato. 100% chonky and showing no signs of being 2 years old! She's been exploring everywhere and building an underground fortress. 馃尓

Hamster Food Collection

Pet care in 2023 isn't easy lol. Here's my total collection of hamster food: The pink packages contain flax seed sprays which Etta especially prefers apparently. The basic premise behind hamster care when it comes to enclosures and food seems to just be does it appeal to you personally (and it鈥檚 safe)? Hamsters have a … Continue reading Hamster Food Collection

Hamster Enclosure Complete!

I've finally put it all together! And made a custom platform/ladder combination with wood from the unused shelves which came with the enclosure. It's all fitted together really satisfyingly. The metal thing dangling from the lid is for putting fresh vegetable chunks on, it's a fun way for them to get it :). I'm just … Continue reading Hamster Enclosure Complete!