I Am Laughing

Well, since I live alone and don’t have any friends interested in Eurovision, going online was the only way I could find other peoples’ reactions to the result. I can say that the whole thing is way more fun not knowing any public reactions! Nor reading the musical opinions of the terminally-online and overly-obssessed! I didn’t even notice the supposed “booing” that apparently occurred in the arena during the winner’s second performance. I guess I’m just too light-hearted.

Issues of apparently ‘mumbled’ words during a performance aren’t an issue for me, since I can’t make out words in songs anyway πŸ˜‚. They don’t factor highly in my judgement, which is especially great when listening to foreign language songs. It’s all about vocal accuracy, presence and emotion (and not running out of breath).

It’s funny that all my favourite songs did so badly in the public vote (besides the actual winner Sweden). My opinions were in line with the reactions of actual musicians I found on youtube though :). Whereas internet people actually thought Spain’s song with incredible vocals was terrible, and only got 5 points from public vote. It was extremely well received on youtube. It’s just nothing like traditional Western popular music. Why would you want to hear mainstream all the time? You don’t have to like the genre to appreciate it. Spain, Italy and Estonia had consistently the best vocals and energy.

The one thing that was weird was how one-sided the jury vote was in favour of Sweden. That was definitely weird, especially combined with the fact they had an Abba member on speaking about their winning of Eurovision 50 years ago next year! Sweden now gets to host it next year for the anniversary…

Anyway many aspects of Eurovision can come across as farcical so best not to take it seriously!


11 thoughts on “I Am Laughing

  1. As an AUSTRALIAN I found in hilarious that we made the top 10 since we’re not part of Europe. It’s literally called EUROvision but they let us Aussies sneak in – and do quite well. Awesome.

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